What is bootcamp? Well, the easiest way to answer that question is to tell you what bootcamp isn’t, it isn’t easy and it isn’t boring! Seriously, we are constantly changing our format and timing schemes, which allows our clients to develop a high level of general physical preparedness (GPP).  What is GPP? Well, in the fitness world GPP is used to describe one’s overall  fitness level and ability to perform work. So in other words, our bootcamps train our clients to be ready for anything!


More specifically: Our bootcamps include everything from crawling to sprinting to pushing, to pulling, to lifting to jumping, in fact one can assume that if a particular exercise or movement makes you better person, it will probably be included in one of our bootcamps.


More generally: Our bootcamp usually consists of 6 to 20 different exercise stations with varied timing schemes.


Who is bootcamp for?  It is for anyone both men and women looking to get stronger both mentally and physically. Really! We accommodate all ages and all fitness backgrounds from fitness newbies to top level athletes.


Are you ready? Come see why our bootcamp is the best in Seattle!