Circuit Training

H.I.I.T. at its best!! Part of our Team Training family- circuit training is based on a 3 minute interval- complete the exercise, and you earn your break- just to do it again, and again- 10 times total. Given the intensity of the classes- beginners typically find this classes to be too much.

Have you heard of group flow? This is when the energy of a group becomes much stronger than the energy of an individual. If you have ever experienced this, time seems to speed up (or slow down), you have an almost out of body experience, and your ability to push yourself grows almost exponentially! It is an amazing feeling, if you have never experienced it you are definitely missing out! Team training is the ultimate group fitness experience and our classes are designed to take advantage of group flow dynamics thus pushing you way beyond your self-imposed limitations! Not to mention that team training classes are a lot of fun and even more laid back but don't mistake this for being easy, these classes will definitely push you!

Who is this program for? This package is for anyone looking for a fun and challenging way to spice up your current routine. The classes are conducted using a weekly workout (a workout of the week). Classes use light weights, kettlebells, body-movements, etc. These classes will be a cross between cardio and strength training. This package is recommend as a supplement to your current workout program.

This package available in 1, 5, 10 and 20 classes. Unlimted Team Training Classes are $75/mo+tax
Sessions which expire in 6 months from the day purchased. Sessions are conducted by a training coach and will have up to 15 other participants. The sessions will consists of free weight training, body weight training, and functional movements. Classes will be conduct based on a workout of the week. Yoga will is also considered team training.

*Training must be book via front desk before taking the class.