At 2.0 we offer three main types of service

  • Personal Training - Classic 1 on 1

  • Semi Private Training - Small group 6 x 1

  • Group Fitness - Class format 10-20

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Cardio Lift

Boot Camp



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Short Descriptions

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Personal training is customized one-on-one training. The fitness planning, coaching, and individual workouts are all based on your unique goals. Because personal training is, well,  “personal,” when it comes to assigning you a trainer we do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach. We have a collection of coaches with various backgrounds and specialties, and we will work with you to help find the best possible fit. So if you have specific goals, training for a specific event, and/or would like more accountability and attention personal training is where it’s at!

Our semi-private training is a small class (6 people max) that combines many of the same qualities of personal training. Workouts are based on a 12-week training cycle. Each training cycle has five different workouts, which are evenly rotated throughout the week. The semi-private instructors are personal trainers who will coach you (and five other clients) through technique, form, and appropriate weight selection. These classes are barbell centric and also utilize kettlebells as well as other training tools.

Our group fitness classes are top-notch. We offer six unique types a group fitness classes. They include Cardio-lift, Tabata, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Kettlebells, and Yoga.

Our cardio-lift class is our original group fitness class. It incorporates the use of lighter weights, body weight movements, kettlebells, medicine balls, and steps. Classes are action packed and a lot of fun! This class is great for beginners and advanced students alike.

Our Tabata class is the shortest group fitness class, averaging just over 35-mins in length. Tabata is based on a 4-minuet timing scheme where you work hard for 20-seconds and rest for 10-seconds. This is by far most popular group fitness class. We use light weights, body weight movements, kettlebells and other fitness tools.

Our Boot Camp class is the ultimate “grab bag” fitness class. A typical boot camp class will have 8-to-20 exercise stations ranging from running/sprinting to battle ropes, to kettlebells, to box jump, to light weights... In other words, if it is an exercise it is fair game. While the class format can be varying there are two constants:

1.  Class is a total body workout and 2. It is perfect for both beginners and experts  

Our Kettlebell classes are the perfect blend of strength and cardio training (AKA metabolic training). But to say that kettlebells are just another form of “training” is to sell the class short. In addition to being a great workout our kettlebell class is also a “skill-based” class. The fundamentals of the class are loosely based on the Kettlebell “hardstyle” format, which has many similarities to martial arts. Hardstyle kettlebell training can be simplified as a delicate dance between relaxation and tension. While the workouts are instructor lead and form driven the class is conducted at your own pace.

Circuit training is interval training at its best. This class incorporates the same movements that you would expect to find in our Boot Camps, Tabata’s and cardio lift classes. The difference? TIME. Yes, in this class you race against the clock.